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Roseanne Gill

Very tasty food (as always) and the delivery arrived earlier than expected. Will 100% order again
placed by Roseanne Gill on the 16th June 2019

Was lovely

Great food early delivery
placed by Mark Richards on the 11th June 2019

Not the usual standard

We have ordered from Red Spice a few times. They are usually very prompt in delivering. This time though they took almost 2 hours (they did notify us). When the food arrived it was tepid. I'm assuming they had driver issues and had to send out a lot of orders together. One off though will definitely order again.
placed by Christopher Budding on the 10th June 2019

Mr Evans

Food arrived prior to the given time and was piping hot. I wrote in the notes to the restaurant that no Chillies were to be included in my meal, however when opening up the meal it was found to contain loads of Chillies which I then had to hand pick out individually. Just lucky that these were noticed and not eaten. However after this error the food was absolutely beautiful and cannot fault the taste and the quality. Just someone needs to read the notes carefully before cooking or the restaurant could end up with having something serious on their hands.
placed by Wayne Evans on the 5th June 2019

Best Indian restuarant in the area.

Had to change the order from pick to delivery, I understand the difficulty a restaurant has on a busy night, Order came piping hot and delicious as allways. First class service.
placed by Rob Newman on the 2nd June 2019

Home Delivery

Overall everything was fine. The food was fresh and was delivered on time. I just wish that the Bombay tikka wasn't so sweet and that the spinach bhaji had lots more garlic and lots less onion.
placed by Stephen Marks on the 1st June 2019

Food was lovely

Fast delivery. Forgot popadom and mint sauce though :(
placed by Mark Richards on the 21st May 2019

really nice

nice clean food it was spot on A+++
placed by ricky grant on the 16th May 2019

Was nice aye

Enjoyed was nice
placed by Mark Richards on the 16th May 2019

Mostly good

Order was a bit late but only by 10 minutes and food was hot and freshly cooked. Have ordered before and will do so again.
placed by Stephen Marks on the 9th May 2019

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