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Great food

Lovely fresh food - the busier the restaurant is the better the food!
placed by Stuart Abbott on the 17th December 2018

Best around

I ordered the chicken dhansak which is super tasty. Not sure how they get the pilau rice so fluffy? An amazing meal again.
placed by Helena Back on the 17th December 2018


On time and tasted good
placed by Taylor Richards on the 17th December 2018

Missing popadom again

Usallybhave free popadom with the meal but lately been hit and miss. You pay like 90p for extra popadom and you don't get the 1 you paid for you get the free one. So screw the popadoms.
placed by Mark Richards on the 16th December 2018


Everything cooked to perfection... very tasty
placed by Matthew Powell on the 10th December 2018

Sound aye

It was nice and early
placed by Mark Richards on the 6th December 2018

Red Spice Delivery

Fair meal but no more. Bombay tikka good but over-sweet, tandoori chicken average and nice, sag aloo not right with too much chopped onion and no garlic slices, large barbecued prawns very good, butterfly prawns very good, dhal good, naan alright as was salad and poppadum. Delivery was prompt. Will continue to order although they could do better.
placed by Stephen Marks on the 29th November 2018

Cool food

Food was cool. Took ages to be delivered
placed by Mia Crimmings on the 23rd November 2018

Had two popadoms :)

Haaa same usual sound
placed by Mark Richards on the 21st November 2018

Nice food but delivery was going to be 2 hours and then got delayed

Food was lovely but delivery was going to be 2 hours and then got delayed so I rang and asked if I could pick it up. They said in 40 minutes so I did so but when I got home I realised they forgot the chips so when I rang back they told me I’d have to go back down for them or wait half an hour for delivery. Which was ridiculous considering we had all our food ready and it would of been freezing by time they delivered chips
placed by Ashleigh O'brien on the 19th November 2018

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