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Mad this place is

All the times iv ordered food from this place it just changes all the time. I asked in the special box about the sauce you have with the pakoras init and the bloke rang me up and said that they dont usally send it out with the pakoras unless you ask for it but they stopped doing it now? But i can have it if i pay for it lol!! Its to expensive apparently. They only give you a few drops in a plasic tub anyway. So when you see on the menu..... Chicken Pakora  tender chicken pieces with herbs, cooked in light butter and golden fried and served with chef's special dip.... its not served with dip at all unless you want to pay extra. So do expect the special dip lol.. i got the phone called saved its hilarious.
placed by Mark Richards on the 29th April 2019

Anniversary meal

Booked take away for 7/7.15 and turned up at 7.10 so on time everything there that I ordered and hot so 10 out of 10
placed by Anonymous on the 29th April 2019

Chicken pakoras

Mostly always burnt to the point they could crack you teeth. Forgets to put the sauce what supposed to come with them too. Portions seem to be hit or miss with the rest, some times decent size some times just enough for one
placed by Mark Richards on the 25th April 2019

Mr Ricky Hopkins

Very nice quick delivery
placed by Ricky Hopkins on the 20th April 2019

Robbie clive

wonderful food, my favorite resturant.
placed by Anonymous on the 8th April 2019

Food alright

On my last 2 internet orders items weren't delivered. The food was good as was the delivery time but it's a shame that both my last two orders were incomplete. The cost were refunded first time and I'm in the process of trying to sort out the other time.
placed by Stephen Marks on the 3rd April 2019


Delivered early and lovely
placed by Anonymous on the 2nd April 2019


We have waited 3 hours for our delivery, tried ringing ,the phone is off the hook. Will never order from here again . Even the delivery driver said how many people refused to take their order .
placed by Anonymous on the 30th March 2019

Sound aye

Was alright like
placed by Mark Richards on the 26th March 2019

Average at best

The food was not unpleasant but on the whole rather uninteresting. The base sauce of the jalfrezi seemed to have been thickened and rather gelatinous. There was no zing or freshness in the cooking. Naan was not light but rather too elastic (oven not hot enough). Aloo gobi tasted as though it had been cooked longer than necessary and had a texture which reflected this. Doubt we shall return.
placed by Anonymous on the 25th March 2019

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