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Fantastic Curries

We had 2 takeaways, Lamb and spinach and Chicken dopiaza. Very well cooked! good quality engreadance.
placed by Anonymous on the 10th March 2021

Complete shambles

Food due 18.45, still not arrived at 19.35. Ordered early to avoid any problems to no avail! Hopefully it actually turns up!
placed by Anonymous on the 26th February 2021

Mr J Roberts

Paid for pompadoms but didn't receive them also the bag of chips seem very small not usual size. Never had a problem with our orders before
placed by John Roberts on the 18th February 2021


Once again too much to order to get the delivery cos of minimum charge means I can’t eat for one I gotta wait til the family will eat with me to qualify for delivery anyway the curry is nice and thick I prefer it thicker than runny chef makes u best chefs when u cook a good thickness curry spot on
placed by Amanda Norman on the 28th January 2021


Always says keep the madras and vindaloo sauce thick not too runny is my 1 choice of quality curry’s keep it going nice and thicker chef’s
placed by Amanda Norman on the 28th January 2021


Still too expensive to get a delivery for one person buh always hot & nice food
placed by Anonymous on the 28th January 2021


Nice food always buy buh every time I order I gotta order for a family when sometimes I like order for myself buh the min delivery charge is £20 and £25 that why I don’t order regularly like before cos of minimum order applies so it a shame really they increased the minimum delivery price and pay service charge plus delivery charge it gone mega expensive
placed by Amanda Norman on the 27th January 2021


Excellent food as always - will keep coming back
placed by Anonymous on the 17th January 2021


Had a delivery from here tonight when food turned up it was ice cold had food in the past and normally nice but this as put me off ordering from there again
placed by Anonymous on the 16th January 2021

Waited far too long for delivery

We placed our order at 5:40 and it arrived at 7:35. Some of the food was cold and a little tough. Service is usually great, but unfortunately, not on this occasion.
placed by Christopher Terrett on the 16th January 2021

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